Alicia Wilson rivero

Natural Foods Chef

& Functional Nutrition Consultant


I am a natural foods instructor, private chef & functional nutrition consultant for people interested in improving their well being with real food.  I provide private chef services, cooking clubs for groups or one on one personalized nutrition depending on your preferred approach.  

With over ten years experience in working with food for health, I blend my professional training in culinary arts & education with my capacity to improvise creatively with flavors to promote eating for health as well as pleasure.

In addition, I run a Cooking School in San Miguel de Allende where we offer fun, hands on and cooking classes and clubs, weekly meals and prepared foods and much more! See our instructors, below.

Chef Esmeralda, owner of  Querencia

Chef Esmeralda, owner of Querencia


Esmeralda Brinn was born in San Miguel de Allende to a German father and a Mexican mother who both delighted her gastronomic senses throughout her childhood. She grew up in the fields with fires and always a garden nearby and many delicious ingredients to enjoy throughout the year.

Esmeralda has spent her adult years traveling around the world investigating different cultures, their kitchens and how they gather their people around the fire. She has apprenticed with the renown Mexican chef, Monica Patiño and numerous others rooted in traditional as well as contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Currently residing in San Miguel de Allende, Esmeralda is the owner of Querencia, a daytime establishment featuring gourmet breakfasts of her creation as well as signature ferments, sourdough, pastries and nourishing drinks featuring many of the local, abundant harvest of the region.

Several times a month she takes her kitchen to the 'campo' as well as urban settings to cook with direct fire in her project Cocina Libre. Her outside kitchen events seek to bring attention to the integrity of unprocessed ingredients by cooking them on an open fire and with whatever else is on hand to reveal deep deliciousness of real food.


I had a completely transformative experience eating Alicia Wilson Rivero's cooking for the past two years. She taught me that the intention and presence that food is made with is much more important than the recipe (Alicia never used or wrote down recipes). And the experience she created with her cooking (which was a work of art) gave me and my guests and coworkers a deeper appreciation of being alive as a human being. When we started working together, food was just a way to satisfy cravings and put gas in the proverbial fuel tank. Now at least three times a day, it is a way for me to feel supremely grateful to be alive.

Private Chef client 2.5 years, San Francisco, CA


What you put in your body is the most important contributor to your health or to your disease. The good news is that it’s entirely your choice. The bad is that most people don't even know where to begin. Alicia fills that niche impeccably. I'm so excited to know her and be a part of her work.

Dr. Andrew Brandeis, Naturopathic Doctor at Care Practice, CEO of SharePractice, San Francisco

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Private Chef Services :: I am available for part-time or short term.   If you are looking for very focused attention to diet, changes few times a week, as needed, or full-time (depending on availability) to prepare meals sourced with the freshest, best ingredients in the area and suited to your tastes and nutritional needs.   As a private chef and culinary nutrition expert, I plan menus with you and your household that is based on your optimal diet and nutrition. I regard a good nutritional program to be highly individual yet dependent on real, fresh and organic food. I have the tools and expertise to create your best menu plan and the ability to make it delicious!

Personal Nutrition :: Time to get to the truth behind the matter, figure out foods are keeping you from healing and which foods will help in your healing.  Your body is always telling you what it needs and what it doesn’t. It’s up to you to pay attention. Doctors might offer you a daunting list of foods to take out of your diet and day to day life might make it seem impossible to heed to call for change.  With this highly personalized program, I act as your food journal and I help listen to your body with you. We communicate frequently as I embark on the journey to change with you. We can meet online or in person.

Food Clubs & Classes :: Classes are a great way to integrate best practices in your home cooking. I host regular monthly 'food clubs' for groups of friends or family who want to learn to cook specific recipes, practice techniques and enhance their cooking skills as a social gathering.  Food clubs take place in my kitchen, yours or online! I can travel, too! Recipe books and resources are part of the class.

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GALLERY OF FOOD - a collection of some of the wide variety of dishes I have prepared for private clients




Personal Chef, Private client

CHEF/OWNER Pura vida kitchen
2011 – current

Personal Chef, Private CLIENT