Pura Vida Kitchen
Eat. Live. Thrive.


Cooking Classes San Miguel de Allende

Pura Vida Kitchen is a natural foods kitchen in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Each day we prepare meals suited to each client's preferences as well as nutritional needs. Our aim is to provide real nourishment based on the best and freshest ingredients, balancing all major nutrients - the high quality proteins, the healthiest fats and a realistic approach to well-prepared carbohydrates- on each plate of food and matching nutrition to the actual physical needs of those we feed.  Our intention is to remain small so we stay committed to offering the type of nourishment and nutrition that only a home kitchen can do.   We take advantage of the incredible local food resources and choose in season ingredients that are organic, sustainable-raised, unprocessed and full of real flavor!  We enjoy incorporating ideas and flavors from around the world to innovate each day creating unique dishes with great combinations of food.  And, of course, knowing what client's like with proportions being just right.