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I had a completely transformative experience eating Alicia Wilson's cooking for the past two years.  She taught me that the intention and presence that food is made with is much more important than the recipe (Alicia never used or wrote down recipes).   And the experience she created with her cooking (which was a work of art) gave me and my guests and coworkers a deeper appreciation of being alive as a human being.  When we started working together, food was just a way to satisfy cravings and put gas in the proverbial fuel tank.  Now at least three times a day, it is a way for me to feel supremely grateful to be alive.”

/ Private Chef Client, Co-Founder of PayPal /  


PVK provided meals for our recent art retreat for 11 women, and was really the perfect fit for our group. From the beautiful presentation to the way Alicia explained each meal & ingredients, all of this really helped our group to feel like they were getting an introduction to the local San Miguel food scene. Each meal was thoughtfully made and delicious, many of our retreaters loved it so much that they ended up taking a cooking class with PVK on our free day. For breakfast it felt like every day there was just enough. We all really enjoyed having all of the options daily, from pastries (which I think were a treat for everyone!)  to the fruit/granola/yogurt, to the egg dishes: all of it was so delicious! Also the selection of tea options was very well appreciated by our group, along with the coffee. I would highly recommend PVK to anyone wanting to enhance their experience with vibrant and delectable meals. They are very friendly and easy to work with, we are a very satisfied group!”

/ Faith Evans-Sills, Artist & Retreat Host /

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What you put in your body is the most important contributor to your health or to your disease. The good news is that it’s entirely your choice. The bad is that most people don't even know where to begin. Alicia fills that niche impeccably. I'm so excited to know her and be a part of her work.

/  Dr. Andrew Brandeis, Naturopathic Doctor at Care Practice, CEO of SharePractice, San Francisco  /


I wanted to tempt you to join an experience. Yes, I really think it's an experience and not necessarily a 'cooking for one' class.
She teaches how to have stuff on hand so you can always whip up something healthy during the week real fast. She also teaches what the body needs and how to feed it in a way that will support the rest of our life :) You know I'm a fan of Alicia on that level.  I hope you can make time for this one - it's worth it!


/  R. Artman, Seattle, Washington  /


Alicia from Pura Vida -highly recommend you try her classes. In February I took the class "Cooking to reduce inflammation"- it was fantastic. She is a jewel of a teacher- great communication /teaching style, made everything understandable, pragmatic approach with lots of flexibility to your desires, and the food was delish! I was doing it as a one-off class and now booking more since it was so good- learned a lot and had fun. I would try any of her classes. A definite asset to SMA and the market.

/  Donna R. MARCH, 2017  /

Alicia believes in cooking with all the five senses and doesn’t like to label herself. She eats mostly raw, local real foods—an “Omnivore” she says. “Recipes are ideas, not a code you need to follow,” as she prepares beet soup in front of us without any measuring tools, she works in proportions.
— Joy Dupuis, Foodie Entrepreneur
Hi Alicia,
Thank you for the delicious, holistic meals you and your assistants prepared for us everyday. You have a clear style of communication that is engaging; the outcomes were delicious. It was really a stimulating experience for me. BTW the cooking class was huge to my peeps, they love talking about it, so thanks for giving it. My girlfriends are acting like I took a class with Julia Childs in France, so I am loving their attitude. Hope the rest of your year is healthy and prosperous and that your holistic cooking becomes the way we cook in the future.
— Lorenza Felton, Conference Coordinator
I am really enjoying the food and I will forever thank you for helping me make this switch. It really has not been that hard.
— N. Howze, CDR Realty, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
I am so thankful Alicia for the opportunity to take these classes. You are truly gifted and it’s great to learn from someone like you.
— H. Castaneda, Cooking for Life Class Participant, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
What a yummy meal! Thank you so much for all of your cooking wisdom today!!
— C. North, Cooking for Life Class, San Miguel de Allende
Maria was just raving about your cooking class, she and her friend absolutely loved it, and we talked through the recipes today to make sure they fit into her naturopathic plan. Thanks so much for treating her like a VIP, because she is to me...
— Dana Kraft, Naturopath Doctor, Herbologist. Private class with doctor referral.
Thank you so very much Alicia. We loved every minute of our food extravaganza! We excited to get these recipes!
— Diana Go & family of 12 in Market to Meal Class

Wow, what a great retreat we had this year. Everyone was very happy with every moment including the delicious food that you prepared for us. Yogis are known to be very picky about their food. Both the lunch and the dinner were delightfully tasty and  healthy and you provided us with plenty of wonderful plant-based choices.

The meals were simple, balanced and easily digested—- enjoyed by everyone. Your staff was so professional that my husband and I were able to be present with our guests every moment of our gatherings from the beginning to the end. We didn’t have to worry about a thing with your crew in our kitchen.

Thank you for making entertaining friends in our home so lovely. We look forward to next year.
Muchas Gracias, Desiree and Andrew

- Desiree Rumbaugh Retreats