Inside Article on San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Energy. We all need it, use it, and let it go daily. Often I wonder if people think about the food they eat as the essential energy they use for their bodies to function. With so many options available, it's easy to choose our food capriciously. Important daily decisions about what to eat are generally based on what looks delicious to the eye or whatever is on hand or what goes with our mood! Calculating calories, balancing grain and protein with each meal, and preparing food healthfully can seem cumbersome and even tiresome when it comes times to eat.

 San Miguel is blessed with abundance. We have several organic farms, and dedicated artisan food makers whose creations include cheese, chocolate, wine, and charcuterie. At the very least, living in San Miguel offers splendid options for eating what the body needs to live a healthful, balanced lifestyle. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils is what our bodies fundamentally want. Healthy meats are important, as well. When we know what it is what we eat, eats - we can be healthy meat-eaters, as well.  This is possible here.

One of the keys to eating healthily each day is knowing the source of your food. Many restaurants and several stores make it a priority to take advantage of the local harvest as well as food artisans, thereby ensuring that what you are eating is not only delicious but also balanced and healthful. By making and consuming local foods we are collectively sustaining the local economy and eating the right fuel for our body.

 Foodie culture has certainly hit San Miguel and is growing strong.  A culture of conscious eaters is also on the rise.  Between the sunshine, the local food and the good living, we have all the right ingredients (energy!) to make our bodies tick just right.


Ali WilComment