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Alicia Wilson Rivero

About Alicia Wilson Rivero, owner at Pura Vida Kitchen

Alicia Wilson Rivero is a natural foods chef and culinary nutrition expert helping clients improve their well being and heal chronic health issues with food.  She owns Pura Vida Kitchen Cooking School & Pura Natura Farm to Table Eatery, two venues where she blends her background in food with her love of improvising with local, fresh ingredients. At Pura Vida Kitchen, her work includes cooking classes, private consulting and health and wellness coaching through whole foods. At Pura Natura, she offers fresh, farm to table recipes inside Mercado SANO in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


The Pura Vida Kitchen Philosophy

On Eating

At PuraVida Kitchen, our goal is to help you nourish your body. We understand the difference between eating to simply survive, and eating to live a full and healthy life. Everyone is unique, which is why we provide customized natural foods consulting and cooking classes to address your specific nutritional needs. From anti-inflammatory diets to gluten free cooking classes, with a focus on healing through food.

Food should awaken your palate and not just be nutritious, but also sensual. Step into Pura Vida Kitchen and let us inspire you to eat real, natural foods and to enjoy stress-free eating that nourishes both body and mind.

On Food:

We believe in using natural, whole foods for our cooking classes, private chef services and therapeutic diet consulting. We source our ingredients from all over the El Bajío, México region,  filling our kitchen with vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds as well as great grass-fed and sustainable raised animal meats to ensure the best quality along with supporting the real food movement.  

Del acto de comer

En Pura Vida Kitchen, nuestro objetivo es ayudarlo a nutrir su cuerpo. Entendemos la diferencia entre comer simplemente para sobrevivir, y comer para vivir una vida plena y saludable. Todo el mundo es único, por lo que ofrecemos asesoramiento personalizado de alimentos naturales y clases de cocina para satisfacer sus necesidades nutricionales específicas. De las dietas anti-inflamatorias a las clases de cocina sin gluten, con un enfoque en la curación a través de los alimentos.

La comida debe despertar su paladar y no sólo ser nutritivo, sino también sensual. Entra en Pura Vida Kitchen y déjanos inspirarte a comer alimentos naturales y disfrutar de una comida sin estrés que nutre tanto el cuerpo como la mente.

Sobre la comida:

Creemos en el uso de alimentos naturales, enteros para nuestras clases de cocina, servicios de chef privado y asesoramiento dietético terapéutico. Nuestros ingredientes provienen de toda la región de El Bajío, México, llenando nuestra cocina con verduras y frutas, frutos secos y semillas, así como gran carne alimentada con pasto y sostenida para asegurar la mejor calidad junto con el apoyo al movimiento real de alimentos.


Alcia's Story: From Pastry Chef To Whole Foods Chef

I'm a Brooklyn girl, so I love to eat good food. I'm alsoan accidental whole foods based healthy eater.  Here's my story:

In May of 2009 upon opening a bakery in Central Mexico (a dream come true having fresh, hot croissants at my fingertips every morning!), a doctor told me that he suspected that I had gluten intolerance.  Taking gluten out of my dietwas akin to telling a painter she could no longer use the color red in her painting. It was not just eliminating such a versatile and exemplary ingredient that was most upsetting, it was considering the idea of having to turn away food offered to me.


Eating is what we do to survive.  It is, perhaps, the most mundane act we engage in each and every day.  However, as a conscious act, it can be done for basic vitality and love. As an unconscious act, we run the risk of hurting ourselves and suffering needlessly.  My job is to steer people on to a better path by sharing a vast passion and vocabulary which is accessible to all.To me, food represents a primary social exchange. I love to feed and, equally, love to be fed. 

The doctor sympathized when I explained that if someone were offer me a fresh, homemade lasagna that I would have to eat it!

Upon selling the bakery two years later, fatigued, battle worn and with terrible indigestion, I attempted 3 months of life without croissants, crusty breads and pasta.  No wheat, period.  Needless to say, that was the start of a deep transformation.  Lifelong, chronic health issues cleared up like magic.  Sluggish digestion, constant indigestion and even a rather signature “wacky” personality dissipated.  I was amazed to find after so many years that it was the very food I was so passionate about that was acting as a poison.  I just never knew how to read the signals.  This discovery, however, lead me on a whole new relationship with food, real food. 

In 2010, I opened up a juice bar and cooking school and combined my two passions, cooking and teaching which led to me to establish a career of working with people individually and in groups to offer guidance on how to eat for their health without sacrificing all the sensuality and pleasure that food has to offer us on a daily basis. I became a whole foods chef, focusing on therapeutic diets.


Alicia Wilson Rivero

  • Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
  • Lives San Miguel de Allende, México
  • Studied Pastry at Culinary Institute of America, Rhinebeck, NY
  • Apprenticed under Chef Felipe Rojas Lombardi in the early part of her career
  • Health Coach Certificate with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Passion for food and teaching about good food
  • Focused on using food as therapeutic approach to help in healing.
  • Offering the best whole foods, natural cooking classes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • Available for travel for short term private & therapeutic chef requests