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Healing With Food: From Pastry Chef To Natural Foods Chef


I'm a Brooklyn girl, so I love to eat good food. I'm also an accidental whole foods based healthy eater.  

Here's my story:

Opening A Bakery in Central Mexico

In May of 2009 upon opening a bakery in Central Mexico (a dream come true having fresh, hot croissants at my fingertips every morning!), a doctor told me that he suspected that I had gluten intolerance.  Taking gluten out of my diet was akin to telling a painter she could no longer use the color red in her painting. It was not just eliminating such a versatile and exemplary ingredient that was most upsetting, it was considering the idea of having to turn away food offered to me.


Eating To Live Instead Of Just To Survive

Eating is what we do to survive.  It is, perhaps, the most mundane act we engage in each and every day.  However, as a conscious act, it can be done for basic vitality and love. As an unconscious act, we run the risk of hurting ourselves and suffering needlessly.  My job is to steer people on to a better path by sharing a vast passion and vocabulary which is accessible to all.To me, food represents a primary social exchange. I love to feed and, equally, love to be fed.

The doctor sympathized when I explained that if someone were offer me a fresh, homemade lasagna that I would have to eat it!

Transforming My Health & Becoming A Natural Foods Chef

Upon selling the bakery two years later, fatigued, battle worn and with terrible indigestion, I attempted 3 months of life without croissants, crusty breads and pasta.  No wheat, period.  Needless to say, that was the start of a deep transformation.  Lifelong, chronic health issues cleared up like magic.  Sluggish digestion, constant indigestion and even a rather signature “wacky” personality dissipated.  I was amazed to find after so many years that it was the very food I was so passionate about that was acting as a poison.  I just never knew how to read the signals.  This discovery, however, lead me on a whole new relationship with food, real food.

Opening My Natural Foods Kitchen

In 2010, I opened up a juice bar and cooking school and combined my two passions, cooking and teaching which led to me to establish a career of working with people individually and in groups to offer guidance on how to eat for their health without sacrificing all the sensuality and pleasure that food has to offer us on a daily basis. I became a whole foods chef, focusing on therapeutic diets.


Want to learn how to eat to live instead of just to survive? Sign up for one of my classes or stop by the Pura Vida Kitchen.